Securing a SharePoint Application Page

References for information about securing Application Pages in SharePoint, and implementing permission based content in SharePoint pages.

Php Feed Generator - Free Php Class (Custom feed in 5 Simple Steps)

How to generate custom Atom and RSS feeds with Php

Php FeedWriter is a free Php package that allows RSS and Atom feeds to be generated using a single script.  Build and populate your feed from your database or static content once, then allow users of your website to subscribe to view the feed in many common formats, including Atom 1.0 and RSS 2.0.  Other output formats are also supported as well making your custom feeds highly compatible with feed readers and aggregators.

Below is a simple step by step tutorial to create a basic feed using the free class that build upon the sample scripts available to download from the official website.  Class documentation is provided to help use the class when constructing your feed from database or static content.

SharePoint 2007 Hosting

SharePoint 2007 and WSS for Hosting - Collections Site Sorting Out ...

SharePoint 2007 Hosting

SharePoint 2007 Hosting, which is becoming harder to find with the release of SharePoint 2010. 

SharePoint 2010 Central Administration URL

SharePoint 2010 Central Administration URL

How to retrieve the URL for the SharePoint 2010 Central Administration site.

SharePoint 2010 Central Administration:
Issues with SharePoint 2010 Central Administration running on SSL ...


Encoding ASP.NET, JavaScript Attacks

The post ASP.NET MVC, Javascript, Security/Attacks, Encoding includes a rage of resources relating to the ASP.NET MVC and managing Javascript Encoding Attacks, including:

AppFabric Access Control Service

Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control Service - Various:
  • Access Control Service 1.0
  • Windows Azure AppFabric
  • Introduction to the AppFabric Access Control Service 2.0
  • Access Control Service Samples and Documentation
  • Authenticate Orchard users with AppFabric Access Control Service
  • Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control Service released! 
  • Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control Service 2.0 Supports New Identity Providers
  • Understanding Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control Service
  • Windows Azure AppFabric: Access Control

Javascript Query String Manipulation

Javascript Query String Manipulation

A set of Javascript functions that can be used to modify the query string and hyperlinks on the current page.
The Javascript Query String functions provide the following capabilities:
  • Add a Query String Parameter and value
  • Check if a Query String parameter exists
  • Remove a parameter from the current url
  • Get the value of a specific parameter from the query string of the current page.
  • Get an array of all query string parameters and values.
  • Strip all parameters from the current url
  • Add query string parameters to all hyperlinks on the current page that point to a page on the same website.
Javascript Query String Manipulation
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